Family Fleet Insurance

In modern times, it is not uncommon for a household to have several vehicles for a variety of purposes.

Family Fleet Insurance enables a household to collectively insure their vehicles on a single policy in order to gain the benefit of a group purchasing arrangement. It then allows a family to easily compare the costs between individual vehicles

There are obvious advantages to arranging an insurance programme in this way. Not only, can there be there be potential cost savings on the package but there are also administration time savings on only having to deal with one renewal date.

Features of Family Fleet Insurance

Fleets can start with a minimum of 2 vehicles
All classes of vehicle considered including High Performance, Commercial Vehicle
Any Driver Cover considered but may be restricted for certain vehicles
Windscreen Cover
No Claims Bonus Rated Vehicles Considered – Subject to Terms and Conditions
Company and Lloyds of London Markets
Young Drivers Considered
Full Business Use can also be included