Marine and Stock Insurance

Even the smallest businesses play is a potential global player. As such you may be importing or exporting your goods from anywhere in the world. You may choose to simply purchase cover via your shipping line which can be both costly and fraught with problems in the event of a claim.

Our specialists have the expertise and negotiating experience to help deliver you the most appropriate coverage at a competitive price.

Whether you need your cover on a case-by-case basis, or as an annual policy, our marine cargo insurance covers your goods in transit, both internationally and domestically within the UK – whether by road, rail, sea or air and can include both temporary and long-term storage during or at the end of its journey.

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Our Marine & Stock Cargo Insurance can also help you to cover:

Fire and Explosion
Accidental Damage
Loss of Goods
Sinking, Grounding and Stranding
Heavy Weather
General Average & Salvage Charges
War and Strikes (including Terrorism)
Road Traffic Accident