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Restaurant-liability-insuranceEmployers Liability

If you have one or more people working for you, you will need employer’s liability insurance. This is a legal requirement and is usually offered at £5m as standard. Employers’ liability insurance means that you have access to funds if you need to compensate a member of your staff – it might be because they have suffered an injury from a situation that you, as their employer, are liable for.

If your circumstances change, such as taking on extra staff or altering your business activities, let us know and we’ll adapt your cover to your needs, and save you some money wherever we can.

Public liability insurance

The next insurance to have in place will be public liability insurance. This kind of insurance means you can claim on the policy to pay compensation to anyone on your property who loses property or has their property damaged, or they suffer some kind of injury. An example might be a customer slipping on a wet floor and breaking their arm. As a pub owner you are ultimately liable, it is your responsibility to oversee that your property is safely maintained. Public liability insurance limits usually are offered at around £5m.

Products liability insurance

Product Liability which would cover you against illness caused by the food or drink that you serve. Very often pubs and restaurants will solely provide food and drink – so this is an essential insurance cover to have for your trade. Large claims can arise with large numbers of customers eating and drinking together at the same time. The normal level of cover for products liability are usually offered at around £5,000,000.

Hopefully this information has helped you understand the different parts involved in a pub-specific business insurance policy. Please contact us on 0333 370 1571 if you would like to discuss any part of your quotation further.

Now you can visit to compare your insurance deals and our experts will help you to find a deal that suits you and your business.


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