Redundancy! Can it be a path to opportunity?

Firstly, I would like to say that I have been lucky enough throughout my career to have never been made redundant. However, I have seen old colleagues, many of them have given given decades of service to a company, only to find themselves on the receiving end of this really cruel fate.

When I started my insurance career back in 1998, the only redundancies you tended to see were following the period of insurers mergers.

I remember being in a bar once and my Managing Director at the time referred to the process as pulling ‘pins out of the map’. This is a phrase that has stuck with me all my career and something I still repeat.

However in this modern era of insurance, redundancy is now become something of the ‘norm’ especially in the consolidation sector which has seen huge amount of jobs stripped back.

Obviously, if you are looking at new options because redundancy is looming we would love to talk. People question setting up your own business on the strength of job security, but in fact, what job security is there in the market anymore anyhow?

For those that are ‘secure’, do you have a plan B? We would love to talk to you now even if you never do it.


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