Is an FCA Licence appropriate for your Insurance Business?


I thought we would start this morning with a controversial statement. However, it may not be as controversial as you might think!

Many Broking businesses in the UK are small but suffer with the pain of fixed costs or time consuming compliance requirements such as:

– External Compliance Costs
– Systems Costs
– Client Money Calculations
– CASS Audit Costs
– FCA Annual and Interim Fees
– Insurer Accounting and Reconciliations
– Professional Indemnity Costs

The question that needs to be asked is why is an FCA Licence so important to your business? Is it imperative to your working structure or is it something you ‘just need to have, because!’

Our The Essential Network, our methods allow for more independent working than you may think whilst providing you with a suite of Insurers, Systems and Support.

If you think it might be worth considering ‘buying’ back the ability to do more business and removing a large chunk of your compliance issues, please talk to us


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