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Insurance for Accountants

So you have just set up your first practice or you have been trading for years, How can you be sure that you understand the risks attached to your trade and that have you can insured them properly. Our post gives details of some of the most common forms of insurance for the industry and advice on them.

Office Insurance - 'The Essential Buyer's Guide'

A quick look at Office Insurance including what it covers and who it is suitable for?

Groupama Insurances

We are delighted to announce the partnership between Essential Risk Solutions Ltd and Groupama. This post gives brief information as to work the company does and stands for.

Insurance Brokers in Leicester - A New Business Insurance Solution!

Our latest post deals with the impact contracted Leicester Insurance Broking Market and how we can help clients that were used to vary different service standards.

Business Insurance gets the Twitter Treatment

Essential Risk Solutions Ltd makes the leap onto Twitter, the Social Networking and Blogging Site

Government increases cost of business insurance

As from 4th January 2011 George Osbourne will increase the insurance premium tax rate from 5% to 6% (20% from 17.5% on products leived at the higher rate)Is this attack an on business and the commercial insurance environment?
Fitch Credit Ratings

Fitch gives Lloyds of London A+ rating

Lloyds of London are given a credit rating of A+ from Fitch Ratings a leading credit rating company. Unlike the collapse Quinn Insurance, Lloyds are fairing well under the current economical climate, bringing reassurance to its wealth of customers across many insurance sectors.
Flood costs Flooded Supermarket

Flood costs rise 200% in a decade

Figures published by the ABI have shown the cost of flood damage in the UK since 2000 has leapt by 200% on the previous decade.According to the ABI, one in six homes in England is currently at risk of flooding. Nearly 500,000 people face a significant flood risk, and it has been estimated that this could rise to 840,000 by 2035 without adequate investment in flood defences'.